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Dear esteemed practitioner,

We are going to discuss a little bit about TeleWeCure, its vision, structure, and how it works. Let’s take a trip!


In summary, TeleWeCure is an Intelligent Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Rehabilitation Service platform specifically designed for patients suffering from pain and/or disability. The platform is built upon a free Social Networking Environment, which makes it unique in its kind. TeleWeCure was recently established in Canada as a federal corporation (Corporation Number 1346719-8).

TeleWeCure provides a free space for patients with pain or disabilities from all over the world to connect with each other, exchange their experiences, help each other, and receive help.

The TeleWeCure AI software, along with its support system, evaluates users’ problems and suggests appropriate rehabilitation services based on their specific needs. This is where we collaborate with the best practitioners experienced in various areas of rehabilitation services.


Our vision is to make quality rehabilitation services accessible even in remote and underserved areas, as well as for individuals who are unable to personally visit specialized clinics for any reason.

Collaboration with Practitioners

We are constantly searching for and identifying the highest-rated practitioners in each Canadian province, US state, and gradually expanding to other countries. Our goal is to provide patients with access to the entire rehabilitation team, which includes physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, psychologists, and dietitians/nutritionists. This way, patients can receive a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services either online or in person, regardless of their physical condition or geographical location.

Services to Practitioners

Hereby, we invite you to collaborate with us as a Sponsored Practitioner. This means you will receive the following services free of charge:

  1. A professional page for your practice. If you have two practice locations, separate pages will be created to showcase you and your experience.
  2. Continuous monitoring of users to assess their needs and refer them to you for online or in-person visits if they reside in the province/state where you are licensed.
  3. Referral of patients with musculoskeletal problems for a consultation or a Therapeutic Exercise program, which can be provided by us through the Physitrack application upon your request.
  4. Referral of patients with movement or balance problems (such as stroke or multiple sclerosis) to receive a Rehabilitation Program, which can be provided by us through the Physitrack application upon your request.
  5. Provision of administrative access to scientific groups on the website, which are designed to help patients from all over the world. Furthermore, you can use the groups to expand connection with patients and further recognition of your expertise.

Unique features of TeleWeCure

TeleWeCure stands out from other companies due to the following features:

  1. It is unique in its integration with a specialized Social Network for pain and disability.
  2. It is unique in its AI feature that determines the unique rehabilitation requirements of each user.
  3. It predicts the patients’ needs, then proactively suggests helpful solutions to them. This is in contrast to other platforms that only catalogue practitioner pages and wait for the patients to visit and choose.
  4. It provides comprehensive rehabilitation services in one convenient location, covering almost all patient needs.
  5. It is specifically dedicated to addressing pain and disability, unlike other solutions that may only provide access to physiotherapy services among many general health problems.

Advantages of collaborating with TeleWeCure

  1. Promoting your practice to offer online and in-person visits through a professional page.
  2. Visiting patients at your desired spare time (weekends, evenings, etc.).
  3. Visiting patients while on leave or traveling.
  4. Helping people who need a professional advice but do not have access to professionals all across the globe (through TeleWeCure Groups and Networks)

The referral process

  1. TeleWeCure evaluates the patient’s condition and needs either through its AI algorithm or by directly contacting them through support personnel.
  2. TeleWeCure determines which professional can assist the patient and suggests their services to them.
  3. If the patient agrees to have an online or in-person visit with the suggested practitioner, the support team will contact both the practitioner and the patient to schedule a convenient appointment time and date.
  4. TeleWeCure support helps the patient to setup for the online session to prevent technical problems during the session.
  5. The visit session will then take place. TeleWeCure will not interfere in any way during the session, as the practitioner will treat the patient like any other regular patient.
  6. The patient can pay the practitioner either out of pocket or through their health insurance plan. TeleWeCure will not be involved in the payment process, as the practitioner will receive payment as they normally do from their own patients. It is recommended that you establish contracts with major insurance companies in your region to avoid losing patients who are unwilling to pay out of pocket.
  7. If you recommend specific exercises as part of Therapeutic Exercise or Rehabilitation program, simply list their names. We will send videos and descriptions of the requested exercises through the Physitrack Application which is the most comprehensive source of therapeutic exercises worldwide.
  8. TeleWeCure will follow up with the patient, receive their feedback, and ensure their satisfaction with the service provided. If there is a need for further visits in short term or long term, TeleWeCure will go through steps 3 to 5 for further referrals.
  9. On a semi-monthly basis, the practitioner will pay TeleWeCure a fixed fee for each referral. The referral fee for each session will be determined based on the type of practice (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.), the country, and the province/state of the practitioner. The fee will be approximately 25% of the average visit fee in the practitioner’s working area. The exact fixed fee will be given in the Collaboration Agreement file.

We will only collaborate with a select number of practitioners in each field as Sponsored Practitioners, based on the population of each province/state.

It would be fantastic to have you as one of our few sponsored practitioners in your province/state. We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us of your decision through this page.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the TeleWeCure family of professionals.

Best Regards,

Hooman Mahmoudi MD, PPCR

CEO, TeleWeCure Inc.

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