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Say Goodbye to your Pain and Disability

Telerehabilitation is a scientifically proven method to treat disabling problems such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Traumatic Brain Injuries

telerehabilitation for disability

Rehab Program for Disability

Patient's and their caregivers are the center for the treatment of disabling problems.

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Telerehabilitation for pain

Request Exercise Program for Pain

Exercise is an important part of your treatment, when you are dealing with muscle, joint, or bone pain.

Why Choose telerehabilitation?

Online rehabilitation is for patients suffering from pain or disability, who have at least one of these conditions:

Unable to attend long-term in-clinic rehabilitation sessions due to severe disability, difficult transportation, etc.

The patient lives in a remote or rural area that is underserved in terms of in-person rehabilitation services.

Caregivers do not have enough time or energy to take the patient to the clinics for multiple sessions.

Elderly patients who are immunocompromised and fearful of acquiring infectious diseases